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I love to travel with all my heart, it gives me a meaning to life and I am very passionate and inspired by all things that visually catch my attention. I love to communicate, tell stories and share experiences and I find photography and film-making the best way to share what I see and express how I feel. I come from a family who's business background is photography, so I guess it's just the way things needed to go for me. I have been working with images for almost 10 years now, hopping on and off different departments in the field and always studying - film production, direction of photography, direction, art direction, post production and acting and hosting.  I shoot, edit, produce, or direct, act or host and feel capable and eager to take on any project in any part of the world. I have experience in creating content for social media; documentary, lifestyle, travel, event coverage, behind the scenes,  and corporate videos. 

I signed the direction and hosted a travel show for Brazilian TV and web about festivals around the world called Gypsy Road. 

I am a lover of Yoga, and am a 500 RYT Yoga Teacher, having trained with Shiva Rea, Duncan Peak and Leslie Kaminoff. I teach and holding retreats in Dubai, Australia and Indonesia. 



Creation | Production | Direction | Post-production | Host


Running Time: 2:41 min

This is a bit of what I have worked on as a producer, director, and show host. I look into having a very innovative and fresh approach, with a young and dynamic perception in everything I put hands on.  Whether it's content for TV or WEB, my results are creative and exciting videos according to the clients demands. My experiences are in lifestyle, travel, documentary, concerts, festivals, lectures, and corporate videos.



I am a very a versatile person. I love to move around, having lived in Brazil, USA, United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia and Indonesia. I have work as a broadcaster in Brazil, hosting a web-series for TV, web and on-board TV.

In 2013, hosted a show about the hosting cities for the World Cup in Brazil broadcasted on TV Azul no Ar! (AZUL Linhas Aéreas).  I began directing and hosting a travel show for TERRA, and in parallel created a realityshow about travel experience and festivals around the world, called Gypsy Road. I talk about art, music, contemporary society, yoga, culinary, sustainability, an alternative and fun lifestyle. Gypsy Road is hosted on Phouse in Brazil, and on also on Canal 0+, Brazilian TV in 11 different cities in São Paulo.

I have filmed, directed and presented in many different countries and cities around the World, experienced a variety of festivals such as Burning Man (NV) 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016,  Lightning in a Bottle (CA), Universo Paralello (BRA), Envision (CR), Tomorrowland Brasil (BRA), Lollapallooza (BRA), Symbiosis Gathering (CA), What the Festival (OR), AfrikaBurn (SA) including exclusive interviews with artists from every corner.

I love to live, and and share, I'm communicative, I tell stories and I easily adapt to any situation. So I'm all a blend, I can help you script out your great idea, conceptualize, produce, shoot, edit photograph, direct, and host any show or event. I am a 500H RYT yoga teacher, live a healthy lifestyle, and take each and every opportunity to its max.

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