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I am very a versatile person. I love to move around, having lived in Brazil, USA, United Kingdom, Dubai and Australia. I have work as a broadcaster in Brazil, hosting a web-series for TV, web and on-board TV.

In 2013, hosted a show about the hosting cities for the World Cup in Brazil broadcasted on TV Azul no Ar! (AZUL Linhas Aéreas).  I began directing and hosting a travel show for TERRA, and in parallel created a realityshow about travel experience and festivals around the world, called Gypsy Road. I talk about art, music, contemporary society, yoga, culinary, sustainability, an alternative and fun lifestyle. Gypsy Road is hosted on Phouse in Brazil, and on also on Canal 0+, Brazilian TV in 11 different cities in São Paulo. I have filmed, directed and presented in many different countries and cities around the World, experienced a variety of festivals such as Burning Man (NV) 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016,  Lightning in a Bottle (CA), Universo Paralello (BRA), Envision (CR), Tomorrowland Brasil (BRA), Lollapallooza (BRA), Symbiosis Gathering (CA), What the festival (OR), AfrikaBurn (SA) including exclusive interviews with artists from every corner.

I love to live, and and share, I'm communicative, I tell stories and I easily adapt to any situation. So I'm all a blend, I can help you script out your great idea, conceptualize, produce, shoot, edit photograph, direct, and host any show or event.I practice yoga, have a healthy lifestyle, live on a vegan diet and take each and every opportunity to its max.

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