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I love to travel with all my heart, it gives me a meaning to life and I am very passionate and inspired by all things that visually catch my attention. I love to communicate, tell stories and share experiences and I find film-making and photography the best way to share what I see and express how I feel. I'm a freelance filmmaker and photographer and a lot of my work you will find here on my website are short videos for social media - from all kinds and sizes of event coverage, wellness related content (yoga studios, retreats, professionals), mini docs on artists and professionals, fashion related, travel / lifestyle  and behind the scenes videos from all over the world. From script, production, direction, to videography and editing, I've done it all!

Click here if you would like to take a look at some of the work I've done.


Since the age of 20 I've been practicing yoga on and off. I began practicing Ashtanga and for many years I was hooked and stuck to this ancient practice. I've never been a big fan of the gym, so it was the yoga that kept me moving, feeling strong and fit - little did I know that with the years of constant practice on the mat my whole life began to change off the mat too. I began to feel more disciplined, determined, concentrated, less anxious, my diet changed and so did my lifestyle. Yoga changed my life and gave me a deeper sense of connection with my mind, my body and my breath.

For the past years I have been traveling the world deepening my studied and enrolling in different teacher trainings, exploring through different yoga methods, participating in yoga festivals and events,  teaching classes and holding retreats in Dubai, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Morocco, USA and Brazil.  I have over 500h registered with Yoga Alliance, holding an E-RYT Certification. I feel lucky and honored to have had the opportunity to study with amazing and inspiring masters such as Shiva Rea ( Chakra Prana Vinyasa ), Duncan Peak ( advanced sequencing and biomechancis) ,  Leslie Kaminoff (yoga anathomy and breath), and Cameron Shayne and Melayane Shayne from the Budokon Academy.


Some of the methods I teach today are:

Budokon Yoga - a mix of martial arts, calisthenics, mobility and animal locomotion in a 7 set sequence series.

Chakra Prana Vinyasa - working though our subtle body activating our energetic field through mandala flow,  namaskars, meditations and mantra through Chakra system.

Vinyasa - fluid, powerful and energetic and creative flows keeping attention to alignment and using the breath as the guide throughout the practice.



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